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From #Indyref to Eternity
How proud Scotia came within a whisker of breaking free

Douglas Lindsay


From David Cameron striding across the border, wearing nothing but a kilt and brandishing a claymore soaked in the blood of his enemies, to Alex Salmond’s naked mud wrestling bout with Alistair Darling, the campaign to win Scotland’s independence from the Evil Empire in Westminster had everything.

Now, with in-depth analysis from renowned political expert, Dr Ian Shackleton of the Glasgow School of Politics and Football, and relying on actual quotes from friends of sources close to aides to senior Holyrood insiders, From #Indyref to Eternity tells the true story of this momentous political event, with week-by-week reports from the final six months of the campaign that historians will call ‘that vote about the thing that happened in Scotland in 2014.

From #Indyref to Eternity