Mankind's Great Divides

George R Mitchell


Is it Israeli aggression or Palestinian terrorism? Was Kiev's Maidan revolution made by innocent pro-democracy protestors or right-wing fascists? Were armed groups in Northern Ireland terrorists or freedom fighters? Is Crimea Ukrainian or Russian? Those we have seen streaming into the EU and using the open borders of Schengen to go where they please, are they refugees or illegal migrants? Rarely are such issues simply black or white. George R Mitchell goes off-grid in some of the most divided countries on the planet. From Israel and Palestine to Belfast, unrecognised and invalidated Nagorno-Karabakh in the Caucasus to Russia and the borders of the EU, George has spent three years gathering photographs and hearing first-hand accounts of war and despair to provide a precious insight into what it s really like to live on one of Mankind's Great Divides. In today s current post-truth society, Mankind's Great Divides is an immediate and personal account of the sorry state of our world.

Mankind's Great Divides


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