Scotland's Future Culture

Recalibrating a Nation's Identity

Stuart McHardy


The culture of all nations is rooted in past experience, individual and communal. In Scotland’s Future History McHardy looked at the misrepresentation of so much of Scotland’s political and social history. In this new volume he takes a wider look at aspects of Scotland’s culture that have been at the heart of how we have developed into who we are in today’s world. Topics include literature, religion, history and story, the Radical 1790s, the remarkable Douglas Young and an introduction to Geomythography, a new way of melding prehistory and history to present a new and refreshing way seeing our past.

Understanding our past is vital to the process of building a new Scotland in the years ahead. As Scotland moves towards reclaiming her status among the nations of the world it is important that we understand just how culturally distinctive we are. Being Scottish is no better than having any other nationality, but is is certainly no worse, and as this work hopefully shows, it is something worth celebrating.

Scotland's Future Culture