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The Wey Forrit
A Polemic in Scots

Stuart McHardy


The Wey Forrit is a political work written in Scots which examines the current British political climate, with a particular focus on how the inner workings of Westminster affect Scotland and her people. Arguing from a communitarian perspective, Stuart McHardy meticulously pulls apart the long-standing political ideas and traditions which many citizens of the United Kingdom have automatically accepted as correct or justified. He challenges his readers to re-think the consensus.


Focusing on some of today's most highly discussed and potentially divisive topics - such as Brexit and Scottish Independence - McHardy lambasts the 'peelie-wallie politicians and lickspittle journalists' who protect the needs of the rich and sneer at those outside the realms of money and power. His views on the sovereignty of the Scottish Nation are also put forward, considering both the past and future implications of the way in which Britain came into being and the way in which it has been run for the three centuries since the Act of Union.

The Wey Forrit - Stuart McHardy