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The Tour of Britain Cycling - Stage 7
Lasswade Road Show of Strength

The Tour of Britain cycling stage 7 is passing by the Yes Hub on Lasswade Road on Saturday 11th September. They should be passing some time between 3pm and 4pm. (See for the tour's estimated times)


We are looking to make a show of the Yes Movement down Lasswade Road around the Hub

and along the road. Therefore we are after as many people as possible with flags and banners to

line both sides of the street. So it is clear we are Yessers and not just supporting the Scottish cyclists (not that we can't be both) we suggest the flags and banners should be clearly Yes/Scottish independence ones. The race is being shown live on ITV4 and as they will only take a few minutes to pass (this is toward the end of the stage so it should be longer than earlier in the race) we need to be as visible as possible. If you want to bring musical instruments feel free.

I am probably stating the obvious, but we need to be respectful of the race itself so we should not interfere and cause incidents (See when a spectator with a sign causes accident in Tour de France 2021). That wouldn't look good for the movement. Likewise we need to be respectful of others watching the race and the residents of Lasswade Road and surrounds. 

Due to the rolling road block they have for these events, those wanting to join us should get to the Yes Hub by 1.30pm and certainly no later than 2pm.

If you want to put a Yes message on the road please use chalk only. They only block the road for about 10 mins before they pass so you will need to do it considerably before. You should take all precautions in regards to the traffic and you do so at your own risk.

If you are going to join us could you please email us at to let us know.

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Getting to us:

Currently we don't have the exact road block details so you should probably travel or park to the areas either side of Lasswade Road (e.g. Mount Vernon Road/Park Crescent (east of Lasswade Road) and Kirkgate/Longformacus Road (west)) and walk the rest. (Please note there is no pavement for about 5 to 10 metres on the opposite side of Lasswade Road from the Hub (west side) just down from Kirkgate

If you can't make it:

If you can't get to us, Stage 7 is starting in Hawick and Stage 8 (following day) is from Stonehaven to Aberdeen so you could show your Yes support anywhere along those stages.

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